February 19, 2010

Trend: braids

Ok, so this trend has been surfacing for awhile now and ever since Wang showcased the look for his fab SS2010 collection, the style has been a go to look for a lot of girls lately. (ew, forget about Ms.Conrad) I'm talking about the girls that follow the runway looks, I suppose lookbook comes to mind first. It's not all about the one side braid across the forehead now, it's the milkmaid to the loose thick gathered braid to th side. I've been sporting the milkmaid hair style since summer myself, but since I chopped off my hair, I've been missing it ever since. Extentions are in order. What do you think? Have you always done it before, or do you hate the look all together?


cm said...

my reading week is fulfilled ha.

i'm all about the messy french/side braids (but it's more laziness/no time, than anything else)


s.xoxo said...

love love loooooove braids! if only i knew how to braid :( just dying to learn how to french braid! tips/tricks?

p.s. guess who!

<3 u!