March 13, 2010

decision to live fast and die young

With the success of last weekend’s warm merino wool worthy weather, I was looking forward to another sunny weekend of people watching while sipping my delish Americano up and down Queen to Younge. Unfortunately, the warm weather was perfect to conjure up some rainy weather the following week. I'm completely fine with rain, but with mixed with wind, it becomes a challenge. Wet dog smell and drenched clothes is not attractive, unless you have an umbrella that's safe from being flipped inside out, then all you need are your rain boots. Have fun, I'll be staying in and shopping online...

I had a fairly eventful day yesterday. On Friday's I'm usually interning and attempting to dress to impress is always a must. (unless it's a lazy day and decide to wear a denim vest, wow... that's me on my first day interning at a fashion magazine. Biker boots, Margiela inspired tee with horses and a denim vest and blunt bangs. hahah ew. What was I thinking. I admit, I felt edgy that day.) Anyways, after interning I headed straight to my friends place to have a bit of wine and just enjoy a girls night out. After two bottles of wine, gossip, magazine digging and fashion related job hunting online, we wobbled over to the Village to get a couple more drinks. I have the lowest tolerance for liquor, so I was already sporting the heavy eyes. After drinks and Cajun fries I headed back to my friends place to pick up my newly purchased sewing machine. Given that the liquor had yet to settle, I looked like a mess lugging around a stack of magazines and a sewing machine in the middle of the night in the rain. One hour later, a couple of dirty stares and awkward smiles, I was home. I'm happy it's the weekend...even with the rain.

Have a great weekend!


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