May 08, 2010

fall campaigns, bring it on!

Give us something new to look forward too! Millions of dollars are poured into promoting a fashion houses ad campaigns, I'm just happy that they're leaving the majority of fashion ads to models not celebs. Don't get me started on perfume ads. I can understand why fashion houses are looking to get exposure by placing an ad with a celebrity, but I don't buy it, go away Hollywood. And so, back to the fall campaigns, Givenchy is the first to release their fall/winter campaign and it's getting me very excited. Mariacarla Boscono is once again taking part for the campaign which makes me want to get rid of my layers, part my hair, stay away from the sun, look pale and sport some fire red lips. J'adore Mariacarla! She is the stark image of cool to me. What do you think about Givenchy's fall campaign? It always feels like a cult, a cool crowd that you're dying to be a part of, at least I am.

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