May 06, 2010

shoe fanatics, meet Raphael Young

If you don't already know him, shame on you for thinking you're a shoe fanatic. Besides the fact that he is seriously talented and his background training is proof of it (and I suppose the fact that his uncle designed shoes for YSL helped) his designs are avant garde and never conforms to trends. His inspiration for his fall collection included Star Trek meeting the 80's. I'm not a fan of Star Trek, but I'm head over heels for the 80's. His collection has always combined architectural edge and killer height. He captured my heart further by including wedged booties. Yum. The heels of the shoes remind me of icebergs in space, I suppose the construction was intentional to relate to Star Trek... Anyway... What do you think of his designs?



Miss Wallace said...

I love these. Heres the plan: you and I steal these shoes. I suppose we could save up and buy them one day, but patience is not my virtue.

Row said...

Miss Wallace, I completely agree. I'm searching ebay when it's available. C'mon Aldo, give me an affordable version! kidding. maybe.