May 14, 2010

Street Obsessions

More than anything else this fall season I'm looking to play with texture from brocades, to crocheted lace, from fur to playing with a gauge of knits. More and more, I've been admiring the simplicity of dressing and the occasional primary colours popping out. Anyone who really knows me, I'm a black, white and grey kind of gal. Secretly Gothic. ha. Lately, I've been obsessed with the combination of black, khaki, olive green and gun metal coloured accessories. Sound familiar? Indeed it is the fashion house, Balmain that has me hooked, and so is the rest of the fashion world with army inspired dressing. I suppose with the influence of interning at a fashion magazine I have the privileged to see and touch such wonderful pieces that I can't help to be inspired by everything that comes in. I thought tribal was way off how I would dress, but I'm finding myself gravitating towards tribal prints for this summer. Just a tad bit to revamp the wardrobe. What are you looking forward to this summer now that the heat is rising? or even more exciting, your desired Fall wear and accessories?


1 comment:

batman said...

you have come a long way from dressing goth/bopper to simple chic! well done monster. well done.

ps french couture meets japanese sass is the way to go!