July 11, 2010

From Two Months

Where do I begin to write the details of the last two months? My last entry was May 14 so I'll continue from my birthday which was May 20. I'm not one to party and drink without close family and friends and since I was not in my home town to celebrate my birthday I went to Canada's Wonderland with my sister, sister's boyfriend and cousin. I relived my childhood memories and placed aside all my worries and entered the gates of Wonderland with one goal in mind, to ride the Behemoth and snag myself a Domo. After plenty of rides at the Drop Tower due to no line ups, regrettably spending $15 for a burger for lunch, burning under the scorching sun and successfully snagging a Domo after a fierce game of Whack a Mole -we called it a day and went home happy.
Right before my birthday I was in the midst of rounding up a good handful of interviews after finishing school with a couple of different companies all involving visual merchandising and with great thought I returned to a company I know and love, Aritzia.

Summary of June: My family was in town for an amazing two weeks for my convocation. The day of my graduation it was with great pleasure and a surprise that Jeanne Becker was going to be present. Jeanne was awarded with an Honorary Degree for her many accomplishments and influence in the fashion industry, in which she gracefully received. I graduated with Honors in Fashion Arts and I am very proud to say that I have accomplished what I came here in Toronto to do and with so many opportunities out there, I'm ready to snag the one that I feel will benefit my career in the long run. This summer has been amazing so far, with work and my internship at the magazine and for now, I'm taking it all in and enjoying my summer after 17 straight months in school -this breather is well deserved.


Romelee said...

you go girl!!!!! I'm proud of you!!! You were meant to do great things and you're the craziest person i know with enough ballsy to do it! <3

Anonymous said...

congrats on graduating!!! xoxoxo. miss our grade 6 days =(

-Apri Ambalina =)