April 12, 2009

Shopping, Food, Movie, Easter

Listening to: Lenka -The Show

I went shopping downtown on Friday around China town, a bit of Kenzington, Queen st and eventually Eaton's Center. I spent a small fraction of my tax return, from filing it the day before at H&R Block. I suggest you go there to file your taxes, they're so friendly! I received a free SPC card and a debit card with my tax return money on the spot. Doesn't get better than that!
I've been pretty good with my money when it comes to e
ating out. I'll enjoy a coffee and some sort of snack but most of the time I've been good at saving my money and keeping the craving to a minumum. (Being at school is totally different, damn you $3 pizza slices!) But I did cook my favourtite Vermacelli noodle salad yesterday night before staying in and watching a late night movie, Step Brothers (ha, awesome).
I haven't been to the theatres siince December, I'm deprived. But I've been keeping up with my weekly dosage of Gossip Girl...intense my friend, intense. Back in Winnipeg, I was at the theatres at least twice a week. No jokes friend, I am a movie lover. My standards aren't that high, honestly if the trailors are good, I'm psyched to go watch it. (sad)

st three more Sunday mornings without my sister! I'm so psyched kiddies. I'm so used to waking up knowing that no one's home, but I'm okay with it, it took awhile to get to used to it though.
No Church...
No Easter Dinner...
No Easter bunny...
HELLA shit load of candy, not good! My dentist is in Winnipeg and my check up is in May. Not good at all.

(I was the Easter bunny at the Fort Garry Hotel Last year, haha good times.)

Back to homework...bah...

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denbo said...

gossip girl IS intense. just finished watching the one about J's party. I know it's late but I couldn't sleep. I'm excited your coming back soon. I probably won't get much sleep in the next whlie coz i'll be excited! 19 more days! miss ya!